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The Hawker Centers in Singapore

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The hawker centers in Singapore are famous to the wide array of dishes and are great tourist attractions. Your task is to analyse and modify your favourite local hawker food


The objectives of this task is to explore the different types of food sold at a hawker center

         Key factors         

       Related factors

  1. Hawker centers in Singapore[pic 1]

  • Open air\no aircon
  • Reasonable price
  • Many stalls
  • Value for money
  • Ethnic food
  1. Wide array of dishes

[pic 2]

[pic 3]

[pic 4]

[pic 5][pic 6][pic 7]

  • Korean cuisines (eg. Bibimbap,kimchi fried rice)
  • Japanese cuisines (eg.sushi,freid ebi,ramen ,udon)

  • Malay cuisines (eg.mee rebus,mee siam,nasi lemak)
  • Chinese cuisines (eg.dumplings,wonton mee)
  • Indian cuisines (eg.prata)
  1. Tourists attraction
  • Adam road – nasi lemak
  • Little india – fish head curry[pic 8]
  • Chinatown –dim sum
  • Newton –chilli crab
  • Arab street -kebab

4.)Presentation [pic 9]

  • Type of ingredients used
  • Methods of cooking
  • Flavor
  • Texture
  • Colour
  • Aroma
  • garnishing


Question: what is hawker center in Singapore ?  

Answer:  At first glance, these stalls resemble walk-in closets, cluttered with cooking equipment and ingredients, but don't let their size fool you—these cramped little kitchens punch far above their weight.

For the first-timer in a Singapore hawker center, the sheer size and outward disarray can be downright disconcerting, if not a little intimidating. With the help of friends and guidebooks, I, myself a recent Singapore newbie, decoded the basics of hawker center etiquette to help demystify this unique eating experience for future greenhorn foodies.  [pic 10]

Question: Finding the right hawker center ? 

Answer: Each center tends to converge on just a few of the many noteworthy food cultures represented in Singapore: Malay, Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern among others. Singapore food luminary KF Seetoh's publishes an excellent guide book, Makansutra, which is updated almost every year to keep on top of the dynamic dining landscape. The Yelp-like website,, is also a good resource to narrow down options by cuisine, price, and neighborhood


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