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Product Pricing Strategy Semester: Spring Summer Fall Sample Format

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University of South Asia

Faculty of Management Studies

Academic Year 2008

Basic Information

Course Code: ---------------- Course Title: ----------------------------------

Program: Product Pricing Strategy Semester: Spring Summer fall

Credit Hours: 3 Total Lectures hours: 45

Teacher's Name: Dr. Shehzad Ansar Email:

Course Description

In the past pricing was not given the due importance, whereas, in the recent years it has been recognized as one of the most crucial subject for business community. ‘Product Pricing Strategy" PPS has a unique approach towards pricing giving it proper recognition. The modern concepts, theories, product differentiation and strategies have given it a new theme. The additional topic of "Ethics in Pricing" is also a new addition. Now, price is not just a number on the TAG, or to recover basic cost plus profit, rather it is now a science of selling features. Innovations, obsolesce, Globalization of markets and production has given pricing a new dimension that we need to learn.

Learning Objectives

After studying this course the students should be able to:

• Define product, product manager and role of different product managers handling local, multinational and industrial products.

• Describe the brand, brand manager and management.

• Describe major ethical perspective.

• Understand and apply the ethical decision-making framework.

• Understand social responsibility from several dimensions.

• Understand problems with existing pricing methods

• Realize the fundamental principles that guide strategic pricing

• Understand economic value

• Know how to estimate economic value by following the 3 steps

• Understand value based market segmentation

• Appreciate the importance of knowing the customer's cost of search and type of benefits sought

• Know the four generic value communication strategies, when to implement each, and how to design value communication content effectively.


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