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Searching for Summer Essay

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Searching for Summer

In this story "Searching for Summer", we have an elderly couple who go in search for sunlight on their honeymoon. In this town when someone finds sunlight it is a very special moment since people don't see it that often. Wherever you see lots of cars and buses in one area, you then know they are all there for a reason, sunlight. For the couples honeymoon they go in search for sunlight, along the way they meet an elderly woman and her blind sun, and they end up finding constant sunshine in a very special place.

Tom and Lily decided to go in search for sunlight on their honeymoon. In this town, finding sunlight is a major thing since they rarely see it, but when they do they act as if it is a miracle and praise it. So they decide to scooter around the town of Molesworth. They stopped in many different places in search for it and had no luck. After many attempts of driving to different places, when they are about to give up and go home they find a handbag that somebody had left.

Even though it was their honeymoon they decided to bring back the handbag to its rightful owner. This shows that they are very good people and even so Lily didn't have the right type of shoes to climb the mountain she never complained. As they arrive at the house they meet the owner of the handbag which was an elderly woman. The elderly woman invited them in and introduced them to her blind son. Ever so soon when Tom and Lily stepped out of the elderly woman and her blind sons home they realized that the sun was shining constantly.

As they were standing there looking at the sunlight, they stood in complete shock and admiration as they thought to themselves why here? Why did the sun only shine above the elderly woman and her blind sons home? Let's think logically


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