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Summary of Singapore's Libraries

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Summary of Academic library

This article is talk about the academic library. With the collaboration among library managers, educational administrators, scholars, and measurement theories, each of the them are trying to doing a future research in several areas to determinants of library quality that will be connect to the educational outcomes. In addition, total quality management attempts to define and measure the effectiveness in academic libraries, focusing on the organizational analysis of the library as a whole and the contribution it makes to the university or college. Some administrator have publicly question that needed for conventional library especially in new or technology oriented academic programs. The literature of educational effectiveness is enormous and , like library managers, higher education administrators have borrowed heavily from the total quality management.


The National University of Singapore has done many researches to access their library performance. In setting out key performance indicator, the research department of library has several methods to monitor library performance such as balance scorecard and introducing the staff performance management system. Furthermore , they are also has other method of measuring performance for example input measures which compare the data of the number of project completed, collection growth, volume of loan transaction, number of queries handled. Number of tutorial conducted and volume of work done in cataloguing, indexing, acquisition, serials processing and binding. They are using balance scorecard and staff management performance system to achieve the criteria of the KPI which is availability, service and resource utilization rate in the library.


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