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Summer Internship Program- Anchor Electricals

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Summer Internship Program (SIP)-

PGDM : 2014-16

Summer Internship Program (SIP) is an essential part of PGDM program offered by FLAME School of Business. All eligible students enrolled in PGDM program have to successfully complete SIP at a recognized company or organization following the 1st year of coursework (after the end of third trimester). Duration of SIP will be 10-12 weeks. This will be valued as equivalent to two full courses in a trimester, i.e. 6 credits will be awarded for its successful completion.  Any student, who has not completed SIP successfully, will not be awarded graduation certificate by the institution.

Objective of SIP is to familiarize students with the operational process and work environment of an organization and provide them an opportunity to contribute to the achievement of organizational objectives. SIP is fundamentally designed to provide students an exposure to the real-time working of organizations and to gain valuable experience. The organizations will also get a chance to utilize the students’ conceptual knowledge and effort for achieving their goals.

Every student will work under the supervision of an authorized individual in the designated organization. This individual, in her/his managerial authority and capacity in the organization, will act as ‘Company Guide’ to the student. The student will be expected to follow the instructions of company guide completely. She/he will adhere to organizational rules, regulations and norms applicable to the interns without exception. 100% attendance during SIP is compulsory. Any act of indiscipline, insubordination or any kind of inappropriate behavior, if reported by the company guide to the institute, will be treated with utmost seriousness.

Every student will be assigned to a faculty member from FSB, who will be ‘Faculty Guide’ to the student throughout the duration of SIP. Faculty Guide will help the student, along with the company guide, in defining and achieving the objectives of SIP.  Both the company guide and faculty guide will be actively involved in each stage of SIP and will evaluate the outcome.

Expected Learning Outcome

After successful completion of SIP, the students should be able to achieve the following objectives:

  • Get an overview about the industry/business and the macro environment in which it functions.
  • Get a comprehensive idea about the company/organization, the micro-environment:  business model, processes, functions, work-culture, etc.
  • Understand the importance of each of the functional areas within the organization and their interdependence for effective performance.
  • Understand in detail about the specific functional area under focus in SIP.
  • Learn the basics of working in a project : following instructions, working in teams, achieving results through problem solving  
  • Learn how to prepare a formal project report and how to present it

The student has to submit the following reports during SIP


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